About "Hijacked by Fear"

Some people will look at the title of this book, Hijacked by Fear, and will think “Well, I don’t have fear.” We all have fear. Each and every one of us. If we are being less than fully engaged in life, less loving, less real than we can be with ourselves and others, and less emotionally honest than is possible, we are living from fear. This is a natural human response to the many things that we encounter in life. In the process of learning from our life experience, none of us are prepared to deal with the whole range of challenges that we encounter. It is often said that this world is our classroom. No matter how smart we are or how well prepared we hope we are, we always encounter things that seem beyond us and initially threatening. Our job is to use these experiences to go beyond who we thought we were to discover who we can be. This book is a practical manual for discovering what those beliefs may be, how they have affected us, and very importantly, real ways to solve these fears and the limits that they have generated. This is a natural part of moving ourselves forward in our lives. We just need the tools to fix where we've gotten stuck. This book gives those tools. Often, we hesitate to look at our fears. They seem as charged and frightening as they were the day we first encountered them. And yet the roots of those fears usually exist in a context that we have already gone beyond. The obvious example is a child who is afraid of being alone, of being rejected, but since has developed a much greater sense of their own capacity, and a greater confidence in their ability to engage in their life. Yet when we even look in the direction of the original fear, the original feeling is the first thing that comes back. We need to learn to recognize that that is just how it was packaged when we put it away somewhere deep in our own consciousness. When we go past that old charge, we find that we already have learned many of the needed solutions, or at least we know how to learn to get there. This handbook provides the how-to’s of overcoming these limitations in a step-by-step way. This is not just a “read it once and you're done and are likely let down again” book. The more that you use it, the better you get. This is a small price to pay for the freedom that we seek.


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About Mark Hochwender

Mark Hochwender has been counseling people in a diverse set of circumstances for almost 40 years. He has worked with individuals, couples, as well as CEO’s and C-Suites of some of the larger companies in the world. From the beginning, Mark found that his early training was helpful, but inadequate in really deeply meeting the needs of his fellow human beings. Their problems needed to be understood in a richer and fuller way. In addition, the solutions had to be practical and as direct as possible. This has led him to pursue many avenues of study and has compelled him to go beyond what he was taught. Decades of listening to the needs of people has had him continually asking, “What else would have to be going on for these problems to exist?” Read more... Mark has relentlessly pursued the answers to this question. This has led in part to the approaches that you will find in this book. Mark Hochwender has been driven throughout his life to find a way to make a difference for other people. He has been most interested in helping them learn how to 'fish' so that they are capable and independent in themselves, rather than just feeding them 'fish'. Mark wants people to have the tools to find their own answers. Understanding and respect for the importance of each person, people learning from their experience, gaining a deeper understanding and a fuller perspective of others, as well as developing solutions needed to move forward have been major forces in Mark's life. This book is his attempt to take what tens of thousands of people have taught him through the years.

You can overcome whatever is holding you back!

  • "I was plagued with USELESS thoughts..."

    "I was plagued with thoughts all day long, such as, 'Nobody likes me.', and, 'I'm not good enough.' This book uncovered the reality that I was living with high functioning ANXIETY. In a matter of hours after reading Mark's book, I was released from the shackles of such a life, no longer plagued with the useless chatter in my head and began living a happy and fulfilling life"
    -Ellen R.

  • "This book is a GIFT..."

    "This book is a GIFT that can help each of us face and overcome our limitations, and boldly move forward to manifest more of the greatness of our being. The love and guidance that one will experience while reading each paragraph is palpable."
    -Steve P.

  • "This is NO coffee chatter..."

    "This is no coffee table chatter. What a powerful and thoughtfully written book, and an even more powerful directive. As I started reading this book, I found myself wanting to write things down for the first time to investigate the source of my fears in order to overcome them, as Mark has managed to insert his therapeutic presence into every page."
    -Karla K.